Monday, May 25, 2015

Mixed Stripe Crochet Dishcloth

At the beginning of the year I pulled out the crochet hooks, and row by row made this bright crochet dishcloth to add to my collection.

It's based off my mixed colourful crochet blanket that I made last year, and I love it! 

Crochet dishcloths are so great in the kitchen. 

This may be only a small make, but I'm counting each win as they come these days ;)


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Friday, May 8, 2015

Millas Table Fort

For the last few weeks I have been pottering around my sewing space making felt flowers, scalloped edges, and dealing with what felt like miles of sheets.

Milla and Katie now have a new table fort to play with, which they completely love.

As you can see, I had lofty plans, including a watering can, windows with curtains and a fruit tree.

I find some times its best to plan big, and land somewhere in the middle ;) 

I'd like to think one day I would put in a window, but I honestly don't think it will actually happen.

After I had done 4 different versions of the flower stems, I called it a day and said my next attempt was staying on, no more unpicking. I crochet up some stems and hand stitched them on, and I love the result!

The purple flower I made as a replica of one of Milla's pictures she drew me of a flower. She is pretty chuffed, and has said that whenever I want to make more flowers she can draw me more to copy.

The flowers are all stuck on with velcro, and can be taken off and placed in the little sneaky pocket hidden in the bush.

My inspiration for the bush was that it would be styled like the Sago Mini iphone app games that Milla loves so much. I think I nailed it.

And the entrance; just some simple scalloped spare fabric (getting those scallops even is a lot harder than it looks) with some velcro ties to pull it back or close it.

Milla loves her new table fort, here's a photo of her reaction as she saw it for the first time.

If you want to make your own, its really easy! Give it a go! Even just a simple sheet would do the trick! (ps, thank you to my sheet donators: Treena and Emily! xx)

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Sophie x

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great British Sewing Bee and a Crafty Update

I have just finished watching the Great British Sewing Bee Season 3. Weeee!! I really really need to talk to someone about it! Have you watched it?! The show just fills me with so much inspiration and fuzzies, I feel like I need to watch all the series again, take down notes and patterns, and then get cracking with my life.

This was definitely my favourite moment of the series, two men helping one of the ladies work out her pattern. Aren't sewing people in general just so wanting to share what they have with the world??!

If you haven't watched Season 3, you can find it here on youtube. (terrible quality). OR start with Season 1 here.  (also on YouTube). If you're into sewing, you'll enjoy it.

Mostly, TGBSB inspires me to just start on something I've never done before. All of the sewers can create beautiful garments from just a pattern and winging it.

It turns out, I do have some sewing guts! I tried my first go at sewing knits last week on a whim! I've had the fabric and pattern sitting in my "to do" pile for 6+ months, I've been too scared of making mistakes (I've heard knits can be tricky), but I just thought I'm going to do it! NOW!

So I sat down, cut out the pattern and an hour and a bit later Milla had some fun new trackpants to wear! Pattern is Lazy Day Lounge Pants without the big waist band, but I'll definitely be doing the wide band around the top next time.

It turns out knits aren't toooo scary, and I'm planning my next go at them to keep the momentum going. Maybe a little sweatshirt with some of the left over fabric, or a knit tunic like this one for me!?

I also decided after dinner some time last week that I was sick of a whole cupboard being taken up by plastic bags so I got to work and whipped this up while the girls were reading bed time stories with their Dad! I've been meaning to make this for years. And here it is, just like that.

I just used bits of fabric from previous makes, some elastic, and it was good to go! MrMoo was pretty chuffed when he told me he made when he was 11, and therefore had beaten me at sewing! ;)

I like sewing things like this, because I think these are the things you remember from your childhood, right? I think my girls might grow up remembering that old bright plastic bag holding the swung around inside the pantry door. 

I'm trying to get some of my projects off the shelves and get them done (so that I can start more!!!), so I've just drafted up a table fort I've been wanting to make the girls since the new year! It'll be lots of fun in the winter I'm sure! 

So thats whats on my sewing table right now! Let me know if you watch the GBSB and we can talk about all the different garments (ps, SKANKLETS!? My word!!)

Sophie x

Friday, April 17, 2015

Milla's Imaginary Friend

For the last week Milla has been talking about the Mouse out by the big rock in the garden. She goes out to feed it breakfast in the morning, it takes naps during the day, and rides on the doll carrier on Milla's bike around the yard. 

Once this week it joined us in the car for a ride to our friends house, but it stayed in the car for a sleep while we went inside and played. 

I have confirmed about 4 times this week where the mouse was, fearing that it was a -real- mouse, but as Milla pointed to the mossy dirty saying "there!" I realised, this is a mouse from her imagination.

A pink and purple mouse that goes by the name of Lucy.
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