Friday, May 25, 2012

Sisterhood LOVE BOMB

This week I have been caught up in the anguish of a friends life.

I went over to her house to help out - her husband gone, a brand new baby left alone with its Mama, the pantry empty. I did dishes, filled the fridge, folded washing, I hugged.

And when I left, I bawled my eyes out.

Some people have it so hard. My woes in comparison are nothing. That's not to say they don't matter, because we all matter, but often I forget that other people are struggling through much more than I am, and doing it so well.

Some people just get on with life, you know. This new Mama had a teeny tiny little baby, and her response to me asking how she is coping? "I can't get too upset, I'll lose milk" Once again, putting others needs before her own, despite being abandoned by her own family.

Doesn't that break your heart? And kind of make you a little bit proud too?

That is so inspiring for me. And she isn't the only one. There are woman all over this country. That makes me proud of womankind everywhere. Busy ladies with hard circumstances, just getting on with it. Strong women who are often overlooked for doing the amazing job that they do, and they continue to do it with no recognition.

I have very exciting news: The Sisterhood and I are planning a LOVE BOMB to do exactly that, thank them for the amazing work they do, whatever that may be. We want to send these ladies a gift in the mail. Big or little, to say "Thank you. You are doing so well." in the hopes that it would cause them to stop for a moment while a smile appears on their face. That's all we want to do really. Just bring about a few smiles. That's why we are here. 

Would you like to join us?

Below are the names of some strong women who you have nominated. It just so happens all of these ladies are Mamas, but I want you to know we are not limited to that. If you are only hearing about this now and you are thinking of someone you would like to send a smile to, please email me and left me know. I'll add them to our LOVE BOMB

The names of the ladies have been changed to protect their privacy.

If you feel like you would like to send a smile to any of them, please EMAIL ME. This is going to take a lot of helpers to get in behind our LOVE BOMB to make it a success.

The Deets: 
  • If you are stuck for ideas just ask me, I have a little list for each of the ladies as to what they might find useful or lovely.
  • To protect their privacy (since they don't actually know this is happening therefore haven't given us any permission) I will not be releasing any of their address details. 
  • Therefore, you will need to pay for postage to send to me, and I will be forwarding everything on once it has all been collected in one big LOVE BOMB parcel
  • I am also accepting money if you aren't able / dont want to send anything. Any dollars sent will go towards pamper packages (update (7.5.12): We are already able to buy two of the ladies delicious facials!)
  • Even if you feel like right now you can't contribute, a lovely letter of appreciation would ALWAYS go down a treat. We are thinking quality of smiles here people, not expensive smiles.
  • Most importantly, please contact me to contribute. (right now! do it!)
So ladies. I am loving YOU. You who get up each morning day after day and put a smile on your dial. You who worry about not being too emotional to save your milk for your little baby despite having all the reasons in the world to bawl your eyes out. You who studies late into the night to make this world a better place. 

THANK YOU. for any enquiries. Please like the Sisterhood on Facebook to stay in touch.


  1. Awesome Sophie - will totally do something for you x

    1. THANKYOUTHANKYOU! Talk to you tonight xx

  2. I'll send something on Monday :D

    1. Thank you! Still have my address? for anyone in particular?xxx

  3. Yey!!

    My thoughts go out to your friend and her little baby...I hope her situation improves soon and life becomes a lot brighter and better for her xx

    1. I would love to do something for your friend that talked about in your post.
      What can I do =D

    2. Hi JJ! Unfortunately I don't know who you are, so I can't be certain that you will get this message.

      However, if you do, there are LOTS of things you could do to help out - please email me on for more specifics


    3. (i don't know who you are and you didn't leave me an email address :( )

  4. Thanks for joining in with Things I'm Loving, this is such a lovely idea Sophie, if it's not too late to get involved, let me know what I can do :-)

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to Meghan! I have sent you an email :) x x

  5. I hope things get better for your friend. Awesome idea :)

  6. I like this! Could you email me your home address i have a few treats that might suit your love bomb x

  7. This is fantastic. BRILLIANT. I will rack my brains and see what i can send. Apart from liking The Sisterhood on Facebook, is there anything else I need to do to become a Sister? I LOVE this idea. BRILLIANT.

    (PS please email me your address and some things off the list Sophie, so i can pop something in the mail)

    1. Thanks for "liking" The Sisterhood on FB - mostly "belonging" is just a personal affiliation. If you care, consider yourself to "belong" already :) However, you can spread the word by blogging about it, or finding our badge on the Sisterhood Tab

      YAYAY! Done!

      Mwah! :)

  8. Also, When you see my Best in Blog Linky post tomorrow... this is EXACTLY the kind of post I am asking for! xx

  9. Wow this is amazing what a lovely gesture Sophie. Just found your blog through Kiwi Mummy Blogs - I'm a Wellington mummy blogger. So stoked to have found another young mum! We seem to be rare around this neck of the woods huh! Come say hi!
    Sylvia xx


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